Make no mistake…This is Walleye and Muskie Country.

The Cass Lake Chain of Nine Lakes offers a wide variety of fish.  Each spring the Walleye Spawn happens right off the end of our docks. Walleyes move upstream every May to lay their eggs in the river. Oak Haven guests love opening week. Nearly everyone catches their 6-Walleye limit. We’ve even had KIDS catch their 6-Walleye limit from our docks….and from a canoe. May is a very special time at Oak Haven. 

In the summer, many anglers turn their attention to Crappies, Bluegill, Perch, Pike….and yes…..Muskie!  Take an 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of paper, turn it sideways, and ask yourself….how many ten inch Bluegills have you caught?  And each summer our guests land Crappies 14 to 15 inches long….mouth closed, tail squeezed. Those are big Crappies!  Have you ever caught a 40 inch Pike? Can you imagine a 50 inch Muskie? Our guests catch Walleyes in the summer, but there’s some important factors to being successful. We’ll share those plans (and some secrets) when you get here.

September is spectacular.  As the golden leaves begin to fall and the autumn breeze arrives….Walleyes feel the water temperature start to cool. This triggers the desire to feed. Anglers who come here every fall, know where to find those feeding Walleyes and have a great time doing it.

Our annual Fishing Contest. No cost to enter, get your name in our permanent records if you catch a big fish. We post the ten biggest of nine different fish species nearly every day all summer long, in the fish cleaning house. Lots of great kids and adults have their names in our big fish record books. In each cabin, our Welcome Book shows the Fishing Contest results for every year all the way back to 2008. Plus, it shows the Biggest Ten of each species caught by our guests since 2008. When you stay at Oak Haven, take a few minutes to review our record book. The size of the fish (length), and the date they were caught, are right there in every cabin. It’s knowledge waiting for you.

Keep your line in the water. It only takes one fish to break a record!

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