Two Heated Swimming Pools

Oak Haven Resort offers TWO nice HEATED swimming pools during the summer to our registered guests. Our pools are generally open from around mid June to mid August. Enjoy the clean comfort of our warm pool water as opposed to swimming in the often chilly and unpredictable lake water.

2018 – Heated outdoor pool closes for the summer at 8 PM on Sunday, August 26
2018 – Heated indoor pool closes for the summer at 7 PM on Monday, Sept. 3 (Labor Day)

Our heated outdoor swimming pool is over 31,800 gallons and has patio blocks, a green chain link fence and a top quality child safety gate.

Our heated indoor swimming pool is over 17,200 gallons and is a great place to go when the outside air temperature gets chilly.

We test the chemical balance in both pools every day (to meet safe levels as deemed necessary by the State of Minnesota) and we monitor the pool temperature every day. Our goal is to keep our indoor heated pool water around 85 to 87 degrees. (Nice!)  Because of over-night changes in weather, our heated outdoor pool is usually a little cooler than our indoor pool. You will find our pools to be much more comfortable (and dependable!) than the lake water.

Vacation at Oak Haven!

Deb and Mike Trachta
Owners and Managers

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