Oak Haven Resort & Campground


Quiet and Clean Campsites

Our 14-site campground is for campers who leave their unit here year ’round. Imagine a campground where you don’t see litter anywhere. You most likely work hard for a living and you earn your vacation time. Want to stay where there isn’t a loud party outside your window all night? Do you like the idea of getting some sleep while you are on vacation – so you can get up early and go fishing? Enjoy a quality vacation at Oak Haven. We’re different from the rest. 

Leave your camper here year round. Call for availability. Our guests use their campers from around early May (weather permitting) until mid to late September each year.

Base annual rate. Each site has its own electric meter. Campers pay their own electricity.

Campground Waiting List

For 2021 we are full with a waiting list. Please fill out the information below to be added to our waiting list.